Except for one storm early on, here in metro New York we’ve seen very little snow. Depending on your predilections, you can blame me, or thank me. I bought one of those special back-saving snow shovels in November, the one with two handles and a curved shaft and it’s leaning lonely in the garage.

I don’t miss shoveling but I do miss photo treks into the winter woods as a way to deal with TMMS – Too Much Media Syndrome.TMMS is related to TS, what I call Terrier Syndrome – an affliction my dogs have, always wanting to be wherever they aren’t.

So, with no snow show so far this year but a blizzard of tv and hardcopy news, I found some solace returning to photos from February couple of years ago.

The soft stillness of the winter woods, all sound muffled by silent surfaces, where you can feel the air on your face because of its weighty cold, where you can actually hear the calming quiet, where the lack of color gives your eyes and brain a rest.Just nature painting a few patterns on the canvas of snow.Mr. Thoreau and Mr. Wordsworth were on to something.

One example below, and please join me for a few more here: