Possibly could have been arrested today for my photographic pursuits.

I blame all this on ducks, Mergansers specifically. They are very distinct looking fowls and very photogenic – which is why I was kind of oblivious about chasing them today on a waterway near the train tracks in Katonah, NY.

Turns out in these days of omnipresent terrorist threats, taking pictures near major transportation hubs is asking for trouble. But after explaining my presence and showing my creds (showing my website on my iPhone) the officer was most kind, even interested.

Below are some Mergansers – note their heads are really not that big, but enlarged by a collapsible crest useful in mating.

Further below a swan – who could not swoon for a swan in the snow?

And I wasn’t arrested, still free as a bird …

SNOW SHOW-1651.jpg
Who’s There?

Who’s There?