Tired of the Cold and Ice?

Well you'd think the January pic would be of some snow scene.  But some of us are a little tired of the cold and ice.
So here's an American White Ibis (Eudocimus albus) whose portrait I took last May in the Pinckney Island Wildlife Preserve in SC.  Temps were in the low 100's, high humidity.  Warm your bones a little?

He's a handsome dude I think, once you get over his wrinkly reddish orange forehead.  Apparently gender is hard to identify in these birds but I say "he" from a certain callous countenance this bird bares.  It seems that while Ibises are mostly monogamous and raise their young together, males have been known to wander from their nest at times, even stealing food from juveniles and unmated females.  Anyway, this fellow was moving about quite rapidly and since the camera was handheld with my longest lens (400mm) I had to shoot him at 1/1600th second to get the facial and feather detail.  Widest aperture produced the softly focused background for contrast.

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BTW I'd like to wish you all a healthy, creative and prosperous 2013.