Your Favorite Place of Beauty

Let me ask you this: what is your most favorite site on this earth for natural beauty?

Somewhere you stood in awe, felt a shiver down your back, wondered silently about its power or complexity, fragility or simplicity, something that literally assaulted all your senses? A place that implanted an incredible sense of peace and connection, clearing a cluttered, busy mind?

I’d really like to know.  Tell me and hopefully I’ll get there with my camera some day.

In return I’ll show you my favorite place – Acadia National Park in Maine.  The picture below (Hadlock Falls) is one of several dozen from my gallery, Acadia's Light.  (Btw this pic was selected to be part of a joint juried exhibition next month at the Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden.  More details about the opening reception, to come.)

Acadia doesn't have the grandeur of the West, nor the foreign drama of many international spots.  But it has value, a huge bang for the geographical buck, 73 square miles of spectacular sights everywhere you turn, just 8 hours from Westchester County.  Come visit my collection of favorite shots and let me know what you think by clicking the link below: