Your Vicarious Maine Vacation

We didn’t get to take our annual Maine adventure this year so I was a little bummed.  To ease the loss of this periodic dose of pristine peace I took a pictorial hike through “Acadia’s Light,” a gallery of images I’ve captured over the years.

 This one image of Jordan Pond, taken 4 years ago this week, is a good example:

The body of water is technically a Tarn, or a mountain lake formed by a glacier during the last Ice Age.  Jordon Pond is comprised of 187 acres of some the cleanest and clearest water you’ll ever come across -- they say you can see the bottom at 50 feet. Maximum depth of 150 feet.  3.6 miles of shoreline (and a gorgeous, fairly easy hike, the west side along cleverly hewn cedar planking raised to protect the lakeside ecosystem).

 You’re looking north to the Bubbles -- obvious name and a good climbing hike as well.  At the top you’ll see striations and other glacial evidence, in particular Bubble Rock, a precariously positioned huge boulder, called an “erratic” by geologists.  And that’s Pemetic Mtn on the east side at 1248 feet.  Wonderful views from there.

There, I feel better already.  Hope you do too – you can make an extended trip through the 34 images in Acadia’s Light here: