Seeing things that aren't there

Are you weary of this winter weather? Do we even have a Ghost of a chance of ever seeing Spring?

Speaking of witch :), I captured this snowy apparition in the late afternoon light in one of my favorite parks, Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River, NY.

It was a perfect photographic moment: a fresh new luminescent coating covering previous mounds, warm waning light filtering through the woods, backlighting the snow and casting long, sharp shadows.

And a magical transformational moment too, as these shapes took on a new identities, no longer snow piles on a rock wall, but specters draped in flowing sheets,  half hidden faces, wraithlike spindly arms and legs.

The fun of photography, for me, is letting the eyes take over without letting the brain get in the way (by naming familiar things).  Or, more simply put, just seeing things that aren’t there.